Thursday, 29 October 2009

Much delayed thanks

Oxjam was last Friday, and today is Thursday and yet there has been no word of thanks on this thing.

No excuses really, just a heavy flu fell after Oxjam finished and so all thought of communicating in a vaguely coherent way was shelved until now.

And so to Friday just gone...

It was an amazing success, better really than we could have hoped. The instore with Scott FRabbit and Neil Meursault kicked the day off in spectacular fashion, the two of them are a great pairing. And I stood there throughout trying to look cool and not grinning like an idiot. Then the afternoon quickly deteriorated into a muddle of backline problems and missed sound checks, although, and this we quickly realised, no one else knew, so we smiled through it and everything came together in time. And from then on really it all passed by in an enjoyable blur. There was a real palpable sense of excitement in the air, the area between the Royal Mile and The Cowgate was buzzing. And maybe the highlight of the afternoon was when Avalanche popped over to tell us that tickets there had sold out, and we'd been told presale tickets just weren't doing well at the moment.

I thought that at some point during the night it would hit me that we'd done it, that we'd managed to pull something this crazy off and I'd feel some sense of ownership for it. But it didn't, I kept waiting for it but it didn't happen. I've puzzled over this for the past few days and now I realise that it's mainly because it wasn't just a handful of us that made this happen, but really everyone involved is to thank in some way. We worked really hard all summer but then in early October it suddenly felt like lots of people had our back, and we really needed it too, it wasn't just us, it felt like a community suddenly sprung up that lent us the support we needed. Bands, press, photographers, venue holders, so many people all pulled together in the final weeks and so the night seemed in some way to belong to the city, which I guess it should.

And so thank you to everyone that helped us make Oxjam Edinburgh possible, it's really been an honour to be involved in something that ended up being much bigger than we ever thought possible way back in July.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Line up and timings.

Listed below are the full timings and line ups for all of the venues.

The Bowery is limited space wise so make sure you're there early if you're really keen to catch the bands there.

Your wristband gives you access to all of the venues, so start planning now! Wristband exchange is at City Cafe, open from 2pm, you'll need to take along your ticket and some form of I.D in exchange for a wristband.

SNEAKY PETE'S - doors 7pm

7.40 - 8.25 CHUTES (
8.40- 9.25 THE LITTLE KICKS (

THE BOWERY - doors 6pm

8.50- 9.35 JESUS H. FOXX (
10.00 - 10.45 MEURSAULT (

CABARET VOLTAIRE - doors at 6pm

6.15- 6.55 DEAD BOY ROBOTICS (
7.10 - 7.50 BOYCOTTS (
8.05 - 8.50 THREE BLIND WOLVES (
9.10 - 9.55 FRIGHTENED RABBIT (Scott and friends) (

CITY CAFE - doors 4pm

5.20 - 6.05 THE LAST BATTLE (
6.30 - 7.15 PAPER BEATS ROCK (
7.40 - 8.25 POSE VICTORIOUS (
8.50 - 9.45 LE RENO AMPS (
10.00 - 10.45 COME ON GANG! (http://www.myspace.comeongang/)

WEE RED BAR - doors 7pm

7.00 - 7.45 SNIDE RHYTHMS (

Entry to all venues is subject to capacity, and all venues are over 18's only.

Tickets available from Avalanche, ticketweb and below;

Oxfam Instore

We hinted some time back that there might be something exciting going on on the day apart from all of the evening gigs, well there is....

Scott Frightened Rabbit and Neil Meursault are teaming up for a one off gig in the Oxfam shop on The Royal Mile from 2pm on Friday afternoon, it's some pairing, and will be amazing. Off The Beaten Tracks are coming back to film it and battle with Neil's voice once again. The event is unticketed and you don't need a wristband to get in, however donations would be appreciated.

Afterward Conquering Animal Sound are kicking off Oxjam proper for us over at City Cafe at 4pm, this is on our list of must sees. It might be a good idea to take a half day from the looks of things!

You can still get tickets from Avalanche, we restocked them yesterday, and also from the link below if you want to be super organised and make sure you can get in!

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Off The Beaten Tracks Footage

A couple of weeks ago we told you how we teamed up with Off The Beaten Tracks for an afternoon of beer and music and baby holding, well the footage is here, and looking lovely, first here's the link and then once us technophobes work out how to put up the videos right onto our blog we will.

Videos? Remember them?...

Oxjam V's Muckle Sandwich

Tomorrow night we're teaming up with Muckle Sandwich ( to bring you a night at Sneaky Pete's where we'll mix it up a bit with a line up that makes sense in a totally illogical kind of a way...we love it.

SHIELDS UP;fast paced Harcore punk from Edinburgh:"BBC Radio 1 Scotland - Vic Galloway Show Album of the Month - sept 2009""Hardcore devotees lamenting some of the genre's pretentious tangents should take comfort in this." - The Skinny

CUDDLY SHARK;3 piece post-rock outfit from Glasgow“...will induce all sorts of compulsive body movements on the dance-floor. 2009 - The Year Of The Shark! 5/5”Is This Music?"hillbilly punk with a razor edge. Excellent with a Pixies like donkey kick.”New NoiseSHIELDS UP;fast paced Harcore punk from Edinburgh:"BBC Radio 1 Scotland - Vic Galloway Show Album of the Month - sept 2009""Hardcore devotees lamenting some of the genre's pretentious tangents should take comfort in this." - The Skinny

SUPER ADVENTURE CLUB;Ex-Edinburgh Spaz-pop jazz-rock trio."quite simply one of the most exciting and intriguing Scottish bands I’ve seen in ages" - The Herald"inventive brilliance" - The Skinny"these guys are phenomenal" - Glasgow PodcARTPlus the launch of Muckle Sandwich #2.

All that joy and joyness for only £3, what else were you thinking of doing with a Monday?...

Also if you come along we might just let you in on our secret, we have quite an exciting one up our sleeve!

Thursday, 8 October 2009

More acts confirmed

We are pleased to confirm that added to the line up are the amazing Jesus H. Foxx and Three Blind Wolves. Jesus H. Foxx will be playing at The Bowery and Three Blind Wolves are part of the line up at Cabaret Voltaire.

Also we will be having some DJ sets from the lovely Matthew over at Song, By Toad, this will be an interesting one, all on vinyl, expect an eclectic to say the least kind of a mix, we love it. And no night would be complete without a little help from Cammy Watts (Enfant Bastard), he'll be bringing his Gameboy and keeping you amused between sets over at The Bowery.

Bring on the 23rd. Ticket link as ever below. Oh and tickets will be on sale in Avalanche within the next couple of days, with no booking fee just because we're nice that way!

Monday, 5 October 2009

Tickets on sale NOW

Tickets for the 23rd of October are onsale now, just click on the link below and £7 later you can be safe in the knowledge that you've secured a place on the night.

We had a great time yesterday in The Pond with, the filming went well, we got wet feet but dried out after a couple of beers, the bands were great, and it was so nice to hear them tell us how great they think the line up is looking, having someone else tell you how super excited they are to be playing really helps with our enthusiasm. The line up is lovely though, we really feel that we are showcasing some of Edinburgh's most talented bands and highlighting what a great place it is to be musically at the moment. Nothing beats the capital!

And now get your tickets here, while they last...

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Oxjam and Off The Beaten Tracks

This Sunday (4th October), we'll be teaming up with Andy and Alex over at to bring you an afternoon of music and beer, and we can't think of any better way to spend a Sunday. We'll be in The Pond in Leith with sessions from Meursault, Y'All Is Fantasy Island, The Occasional Flickers and The Last Battle. Entry is free although donations are more than welcome, but because space is limited it would be best if you could register here first,

It'll be a lovely lazy afternoon, and the best news is there's a canopy for the beer garden, so even if it rains you won't get wet. Oxjam- taking care of all your needs!

Early bird tickets on sale NOW

Very exciting news, we are happy and pleased and everything else to announce that tickets for the 23rd October are now onsale here;, and are only £7 for early birds, which is a bit of a bargain, considering who you get to see, and where you get to see them.

Plus there will be some exciting stuff going on on the night. But we have to keep schtum about that. Sorry....

See you there tho.

Friday, 18 September 2009

October 23rd Line-Up

So you've waited long enough, here's the line up, all happening on the 23rd October, spread across 5 venues, tickets onsale Wednesday, check back here for more details, band bios to follow over the coming few days.

Frightened Rabbit (Scott solo set)


Dead Boy Robotics

Conquering Animal Sound

Y'All Is Fantasy Island

Jesus H. Foxx

The Last Battle

WOODENBOX With a Fistful of Fivers

Pose Victorious

Come On Gang


The Occasional Flickers


The Little Kicks

Le Reno Amps

Paper Beats Rock

My Electric Love Affair

Shellsuit Massacre

and more subject to confirmation...

Venues are, Cabaret Voltaire, Sneaky Pete's, The City Cafe, The Bowery, The Wee Red Bar

Line-Up Coming Soon

On Saturday we will announce the line up for 23rd October, there's been a lot of hair tearing, sleepless nights, insult hurling and the like, but then suddenly out of almost nowhere it all seemed to come together and we're really pleased with the bands we have. We feel passionate about them all and honestly, this makes the whole thing so much easier to do.

Today looks set to be a long day of band bio writing, the aim is to post up details of the bands, plus links to their sites so you can make up your own minds, and a little bio too from our point of view. But, with 20 bands this might take some time, we don't want to just cut and paste from the popular press (tempting as it may be), instead bios will only come after the bands have been fully experienced in their live form, after all that's what this is all about.

Check back here Saturday, or most likely some point early Sunday morning to see the line up, or instead why don't you come along to Cab Vol, meet us in the flesh (we're real, honestly, and we've been told we're really nice too), dance to some DJ sets from super lovely bands and find out our line up right then. See you there!

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Get Yer Ox Off

This is our first post, and there's so much to tell you it's hard to know where to begin. Ok, here goes....

We've been working very hard all summer to bring you an amazing flagship event in October, we're very excited about it, and once you hear more chance are you will be too. We're kicking it all off this weekend in The Speakeasy at Cababret Voltaire with DJ sets from Meursault, Dead Boy Robotics, The Little Kicks and Chutes, as if that wasn't awesomeness enough we'll also be unveiling our October line up. Come and join us to find out more, at only £4 before 12 it's a bargain of a way to spend a Saturday.

Although there was one little bit of news we had from across the Atlantic this week, it's too much to keep quiet about....Frightened Rabbit confirmed from their US tour that Scott will be playing an exclusive solo set for us on the 23rd October. Seriously. Wow!