Friday, 18 September 2009

Line-Up Coming Soon

On Saturday we will announce the line up for 23rd October, there's been a lot of hair tearing, sleepless nights, insult hurling and the like, but then suddenly out of almost nowhere it all seemed to come together and we're really pleased with the bands we have. We feel passionate about them all and honestly, this makes the whole thing so much easier to do.

Today looks set to be a long day of band bio writing, the aim is to post up details of the bands, plus links to their sites so you can make up your own minds, and a little bio too from our point of view. But, with 20 bands this might take some time, we don't want to just cut and paste from the popular press (tempting as it may be), instead bios will only come after the bands have been fully experienced in their live form, after all that's what this is all about.

Check back here Saturday, or most likely some point early Sunday morning to see the line up, or instead why don't you come along to Cab Vol, meet us in the flesh (we're real, honestly, and we've been told we're really nice too), dance to some DJ sets from super lovely bands and find out our line up right then. See you there!

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